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Putting the control back in your hands

Here at Supply Teachers Direct we believe that schools, and not a third party, are in the best position to select their own staff. Each school is unique in its ethos, values and needs. As a member of senior management you, and you alone, have the knowledge of who will make the best professional 'fit' in terms of the your children's needs and to maintain consistency and excellence during periods of cover.

Cover available 24/7

The website offers a flexible approach to recruiting supply staff depending on your needs.

Here at the Supply Teachers Direct we know that emergency cover is often needed at very short notice and this can be highly stressful. The Supply Teachers Direct website provides you with instant access to, and connection with, a full database of supply staff 24/7.

For last minute, unexpected staff absences use the SOS facility to send out a general alert. Teachers in your area on the Supply Teachers Direct database will instantly be alerted by e-mail. Available staff will respond directly to you enabling you to find a quick and time-efficient solution without the need for time-consuming phone calls through a third party.

If you have more notice, or when looking to fill a longer term absence, use the Search and Select facility to browse the profiles and availability of staff in your area. Use the prepared template to send enquiries to your choice of potential candidates and select from those who respond. For longer term cover you might choose to invite the prospective candidates for an interview or school visit. Once you have made the arrangement with your chosen supply teacher fill in the ready to use contract and e-mail to the teacher for an electronic signature. Upon arrival for their first day's work the cover teacher will provide you with the original copy of their DBS certificate and photo ID for you to photocopy. Cross reference this with their entry and photo profile on the Supply Teachers Direct database and then they're ready for the classroom.

Rigorous Vetting

All staff registered with Supply Teachers Direct have been interviewed in person and fully screened. They must hold a valid DBS certificate and recognised teaching qualification.

Illustration of Annual Savings for School with Enrolment of 350 pupils

A school with 350 pupils which employs 4 supply teachers for a total of 40 days each will spend £28,800 a year on cover (based on a standard recruitment agency finder's fee of £180 a day). For a one off annual membership fee of £600 the school will make savings of around £7,523.20 per year or £75,232 over ten years (based on supply staff average fee of £132.98 per day).

Schools will also make considerable savings on recruitment agency "finder's fees" which can be as much as £10,000 to fill a new appointment.

Membership Fees

The school's annual membership fee is calculated on the number of pupils on roll. Please see graph below.

Number on school roll Standard Annual Membership Fee Discounted Introductory Annual Membership Fee
0 - 199 300 250
200 - 299 400 275
300 - 399 600 375
400 - 499 800 450
500 - 599 1000 575
600 - 699 1200 675
700 - 799 1400 750
800 - 899 1600 875
900 - 999 1800 975
1000+ 2000 999