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Child Protection and Safeguarding

Adherence to safeguarding procedures is rigorously enforced when screening teachers prior to registration with Supply Teachers Direct. Unlike some websites which have recently been set up using the same model as Supply Teachers Direct, we would never accept any teacher on to the register without a face to face interview. We do not permit teachers to register through an online application.

Screening and safeguarding procedures

The director of Supply Teachers Direct is trained and fully conversant in safeguarding procedure. All teachers accepted on the Supply Teachers Direct database are interviewed in person by the director of the company for a minimum of 45 minutes. In compliance with Kent Safeguarding Children Board, Safer Recruitment and Employment policy the following documentation must be produced by the applicant:

Policy relating to Disclosures and Debarring Service certificate

All teachers registered with Supply Teachers Direct must hold a valid DBS.

In relation to DBS portability the following policy has been adhered to:
  1. Teachers are accepted on to the scheme if their DBS has been registered with the DBS updating service and has been annually updated (subject to referencing). Checks are carried out to verify that the teacher's DBS has been updated prior to the teacher being allowed on the register. Ten days prior to the date of renewal an alert is sent to both the teacher and Supply Teachers Direct as a reminder that the DBS is due for renewal. In the event that the teacher fails to renew their DBS they will be removed from the register.
  2. In the instance where a teacher's DBS is not on the update service but is less than a year old, and they have been in continuous employment with the same employee for over a year and satisfactory references are received from the employer, the teacher is accepted on to the register however they are obliged to obtain a new one on the anniversary of the date of registration otherwise they will be removed from the register.
  3. The DBS and date of birth of all teachers is available for schools to view on the teacher profile. Schools have the option of checking the validity of a teacher's DBS by imputing the teacher's DBS, date of birth and surname onto the appropriate update checking section of the Disclosures and Debarring Service website.

The results of such are instantaneous.